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Our team of project managers and CAD designers creates precise architectural and production plans for the new fittings. Every detail is carefully considered and tested – from locking systems to materials, lighting, wiring and fixtures. Finding innovative lighting solutions for built-in components is our specialty. We are familiar with the newest technologies and are skilled in handling LED technology. The effect and impact of various illuminants are skillfully coordinated with the client’s product line and the location being lighted. This creates modern, functional designs for customer-oriented solutions.



Our modern manufacturing plant allows us to fulfill every request from our clients. Following the specifications of the design and planning teams, materials such as wood, metal, glass, synthetics, and others are processed. For us, keeping up with the latest innovations in materials and fixture techniques is a matter of course. One of our specialties is the processing of glass. Our glass professionals are leading experts in ultra-strong glass bonding with UV glues.​


  • Construction management, supervision, and site coordination
  • Installations worldwide
  • Coordination with clients and authorities
  • Construction management
  • Calculation
  • Acceptance and delivery
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