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Bandi is an interior fitting company with a body of experience resulting from over 100 years of history. Bandi has planned, produced and mounted fittings in over 2500 desitinations worldwide.

Bandi enthuses through technical know-how, innovative strength, widespread knowledge of the materials and the passion for handcrafted quality. Expectations in quality and design are high, tradition is paired with innovation and every customer requirement is fulfilled. With its employees and a strong and efficient network of suppliers and specialists Bandi realises Swiss quality interior fittings and shopfittings for local as well as international customers. High-grade quality, premium design and the fulfilment of individual customer requirements have made up Bandi's strength throughout the years. The company has gone thourgh a continual development, going about new way and matters and adding new sectors to its competences. 

Sustainable management, animal protection and environmental conservation are major concerns of ours, which is why our company supports WWF.


Our qualified and highly motivated team is counting planners, construction engineers, construction managers, carpenters and administrative collaborators and develops individually customised solutions in best quality for your project.

CAD-planners and construction engineers are forming the planning office, where they elaborate production plans from ideas. Carpenters are manufacturing furniture in the in-house joinery, assemblers are on the road installing it. A team is formed with the best partners and suppliers depending on the project. The office coordinates the worldwide logistics (customs and freight handling) and storage. Bandi's team is committing itself to delivering the best possible service to its customers.



Friedrich Bandi started with manufacturing wooden furniture in 1908 in Oberwil bei Büren, where the company is today still located. Since then, Bandi steadily developped, the location though never changed. 2003 the enterprise became a stock company. In the Year 2007 a new finishing assembly hall and export-warehouse has been built next to the main building. The company is now being managed in the fourth generation by Sascha Bandi since 2009.
Friedrich Bandi (on the left), managing director from 1908 - 1938, with his employees in front of the first manufacturing building. (picture taken around 1910)
Family of Friedrich Bandi. Standing from the left: Fritz, Walter (he took over the business from his father Friedrich from 1938 - 1977), Ernst, Adolf and Hans. In the front, the married couple, Bertha and Friedrich Bandi. (picture taken around 1935)
Rosa Bandi-Wyss and Werner Bandi (son of Walter), Managing directors in third generation from 1977 - 2009



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